Order & circular

Different orders and circulars released by the Dept. of Telecom and CCA Office are listed below:

   Office order regarding maintanence of office files and guard file

   Instructions for Password protection and security of DSC

   Standard Operating Procedures of Mobile Seva

   Handbook of eCCA Bihar grievance portal

   Guidelines for implementation of eCCA Mobile App Portal

   office order regarding SOP of eCCA Bihar grievance portal

   Circular related to efforts made by inimical force to get sensitive information through fake communication - reg.

   Notice Relating to Online Submission of Jeevan Praman

   Transfer & Posting Details

   Compliance of the provisions contained in flag code

   Regarding Advisory for use of Email & Web Services

   Regarding CGHS facility.

   Extract of relevant Pension Rules.

   Payment of Pension and DA to absorbed (Grade - C & D) Employees of BSNL on IDA: DoT Order No. 36-9/2002-Pen(T) dated 22/04/2003.

   Distinction of PPO for application of IDA: DoT Order No.6-138/90-TA-I/Vol.VI dated 21/02/2003.

   DP & PW order on IDA – based pensionary benefits: DP&PW Order No. 4/61/99-P&PW(D) dated 20/12/2002 and DoT Endorsement No. 36-12/02-Pen(T) dated 16/01/2003.

   Decentralization of License fee collection function to CCA: (a) Order No. 1-6/2001-LF dated 15/05/2001 and (b)Order No. 1-6/2001-LF dated 8/10/2002.

   Decentralization of Disbursement of Universal Service Subsidy monitoring etc.: Order No. 30-15/2002-USF (Vol.II) dated 5/02/2004.

   Clarification on various USF issues – letter no. 30-15/2002-USF (Vol.II) dated 22/04/2004.

   Spectrum Charges Collection guidelines in respect of Cellular operators: OM No. WFD/1018/2004 dated 6/02/2004.

   Payment of Pension/Family Pension to Employees absorbed in BSNL – clarification - Order No. 14-13/2002 – PEN(T) dated 15/01/2003.

   Merger of DoT Cells – Order No. 7-18/2002-TA-I dated 13/06/2003.

   Diversion of Clerical and Grade 'D' Staff working in the Pension Section In DoT Cells – Order No. 34-31/2000-SEA dated 23/01/2001.

   Clarification of MH&FW on extension of CS(MA) Rules 1944 to Central Govt. Pensioners residing in areas not covered by CGHS – MH&FW Order no. S.14025/4/96 – MS dated 20/08/2004 and DoT Circular No. 150 dated 5/10/2004.

   Introduction of New Pension Scheme in the Department of Telecommunication - (a) DOT OM No.7-24/2004/TA-I dated 05/01/2005, and (b) DOT OM No.7-24/2004/TA-I dated 21/02/2005.